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Equine Designs began with a Ted Robinson cow horse clinic.

In 1998 reined cow horse was unique in Florida. The association, FRCHA, was still shiny and new. To help grow their membership, the top cow horse trainers would come from CA to put on clinics for new NRCHA affiliates.

Horses and photography are things that make me happy. The FRCHA had no show photographer, and there I was. With the help of numerous trainers, I was able to learn what was that “perfect moment”. The dance between rider, cow and my camera finger. All had to be in perfect harmony to be a great photo.

Cow horse photography was a challenge. Three events meant I had to perfect three types of photography each with their own moment. Reining trainer, George Aldridge was my first willing victim. He would work his reining horses and I would practice taking photos, lots of photos. Becoming the FCHA show photographer and taking photos of cutting horses helped my timing. Finally, I learned the dance.

My next challenge was creating custom websites. At the time the internet lived on dial up. Not only did the websites I crafted need to be unique and beautiful, they needed to be functional for all.

Design, I learned is the same for all mediums, digital and print. With help that always there when asked, I learned how to make stand out ads for all publications.

The NRCHA Snaffle Bit Futurity had been my vacation time from the time I’d seen Ted Robinson give his clinic. To learn more about the event, I attended any local cow horse clinic, Florida or Georgia. Show secretary and judges clinics were something else I attended. It was all to learn how the special moment was achieved from every prespective.

Every association has one big show or event. Not only was I the show photographer for any association I worked with. I was also the website and print designer. It wasn’t too much of a stretch to craft the show program for major events.

Photo journalism came around once the major events were over. With great editors, I was published in every major performance horse magazine numerous times, in photos and print. How things always end up circular, being published in national magazines, my photography became known nationally.

I was able to use my years of taking photos in the affiliate level to be honored in taking photos in the national level. The effort of making every ride have that special moment in every class paid off.

Equine Designs and Kat Rodgers Photography

supports the NRCHA and its affiliates.


Kat Rodgers Photography is nationally known in the reined cow horse circles. I travel throughout the country to shoot horse show events and work with individual clients to create images that allow the true beauty and grace of the horse to be seen. With years of practice, I have been able to capture images while maintaining correct form & function in the photos for owners to use in effective advertising as well as a special moment to cherish forever.

I have worked as a freelance photojournalist and have been widely published (print and photo credits) in western performance horse magazines, including Performance Horse, Quarter Horse News, Stock Horse News, and Western Horseman.

I have also been the official photographer of the National Stock Horse Association, National Reined Cow Horse Association, Southern California Reined Cow Horse Association, Southwestern Reined Cow Horse Association, Florida Reined Cow Horse Association, Florida Cutting Horse Association, ECRCHC and the Georgia Reined Cow Horse Association.


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